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Cloud Applications have full focus on individual users and the various roles in your company.

Get more out of your work than ever before with intelligent solutions for specific business roles. 

SAP Business One is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Even the best ERP system can be improved, and with Boyum Cloud Apps, you get the best of both worlds. Cloud Applications consist of 3 modules that enhance your ERP system for production. The addition makes SAP Business One the ultimate ERP system for manufacturing companies with modules for planning, pricing, quality assurance in production, and much more. Read more about the use of cloud apps for SAP Business One below.


Product design and management
Supports the development of production and helps production departments launch new or enhanced products by quickly transitioning from idea to production.


Shop floor management
Ensures a collaborative workflow between production management and the shop floor, enabling production planning and providing a transparent view of the work executed.


Quality Control
Build quality test plans to measure the success of your production, the quality of suppliers, and discover ways to improve your own work.

Customize the system for each user

All roles in a company are different, and systems can often be perceived as too advanced. With Cloud Apps (Build, Produce & Inspect), you get intelligent solutions for specific business roles in the company. The application allows you to only use what you really need – to get more out of your work. The interface in Cloud Apps is user-friendly, with all the necessary features. This removes elements that are irrelevant to the individual – so the focus is only on the individual’s tasks.

Cloud apps for SAP Business One

Cloud App | Build

Cloud Apps Build streamlines product development from idea to production. The system supports Microsoft Excel, allowing you to easily import the bill of materials (BOM) from your CAD or PDM solution.

The application enables you to manage requirements and specifications for new products. You can also plan and track the progress of development tasks. Furthermore, you can determine the correct price for your products by calculating production costs and adding them to an SAP Business One price list. All finished products can be added directly to SAP Business One.

Cloud App | Produce

Streamline collaboration between management and the production department by improving the monitoring of time and materials, while making reporting of finished products visible to the entire business.

Cloud Apps Produce consists of two applications, one for managers (Manager) and one for operators (Operator). In Produce Manager, managers can plan production orders and track progress in real-time. In Produce Operator, the production team can view orders, record completed work, and track material usage. With this module, the company can see available materials, finished products, and send production orders quickly and easily at any time.

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Cloud apps for SAP Business One - blokbillede (3) (1)

Cloud App | Inspect

Cloud Apps Inspect enables planning, automating, and delegating work while the inspector conducts tests and records the results.

The application consists of two modules, one for managers (Operator) and one for operators (Operator). In Inspect Manager, managers can plan and delegate the work, where they can then monitor the progress and status of the inspection. In Inspect Operator, operators are allowed to perform inspections and collect quality data from the tasks assigned by the manager.


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