Imagine a platform that not only integrates but also improves your trading processes and connects you seamlessly with the global market

Streamline your export processes and maximize time efficiency

Envision a platform that not only integrates but also enhances your trading processes, connecting you seamlessly with the global market. Traid revolutionizes your export process through digitization. We minimize manual tasks, eradicate errors, and provide a comprehensive overview of your operations.

Traid effortlessly tackles complexities by automating and digitizing export documentation and customs declarations. Our cutting-edge approach leads to expedited approval of export certificates, often within just an hour. This efficiency means that your goods are dispatched from the warehouse more swiftly, positively impacting your cash flow.

Cut down errors by more than 50%
An analysis of over 18,000 certificates has made one thing clear: Transitioning from manual to digital processes can cut your error rate by over 50%. This substantial decrease is mainly attributed to the reuse of data instead of its re-entry, markedly reducing the likelihood of mistakes.

Already a choice of over 3,500 companies, the Traid platform stands as a benchmark in digital trade. Engaging with Traid opens doors to a dynamic platform that continually evolves, keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of global trade.

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Approved certificates in just 1 hour

In most export businesses, being fast is crucial. If you create physical documents and certificates, you often have to wait days to get them back from chambers of commerce and other stakeholders through the mail.

If you choose the fast digital alternative, you typically have them back on the platform within an hour. Here, you can also immediately share them with your colleagues and business partners.

Sustainable export

More and more companies are prioritizing sustainability and the environment. Not least the goal of reducing or becoming CO2-neutral. When you use the platform, you reduce both paper and transport consumption. To the benefit of the planet, your customers, and your employees.


Reduce vulnerability

Employees are your most important resource. This can make you vulnerable in cases of vacation, illness, job change, etc. We can never replace good employees, but we can reduce your vulnerability by using automation, templates, supporting standard operating procedures, and working in teams.

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