Becher-Madsen Service managed its accounting and inventory using SAP Business One

Becher madsen service

Who is Becher-Madsen Service?

The company is a modern, family-run business specializing in warehouse services and the distribution of large companies’ products. The business was established in 1988 and today has over 400 employees.

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Challenges and Opportunities

The company’s old Warehouse system began to become resource-intensive as the warehouse grew. The need for new software was therefore great in order not to hinder the business’s opportunities for growth based on limited functionalities. Some manual work also made the process easier, as productivity would be significantly increased with new software.

Why SAP Business One and BitPeople

SAP Business One is a standard system that allows the addition of customized features to meet the company’s needs. The company therefore chose to integrate tailored solutions for inventory, order processing, finance, and billing.

Value-driven Results

The ERP system is easy to use and manages the product life cycle and logistics at the warehouse, from arrival to branding and dispatch. Scanners have significantly streamlined daily operations, while the system can keep track of thousands of item numbers. SAP Business One has opened opportunities for future growth.

The more customers we acquire, the more demands we face, and SAP Business One is the system that could offer us everything from accounting, the financial aspect of it, to inventory management.

Jonas Rose, CEO, Becher-Madsen Service.


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