By automating the invoicing, everything is paid on time, eliminating manual processes at Elitecom.


Who is Elitecom?

Elitecom provides various IT solutions for businesses. Elitecom always strives to be the best in the market. They can only do this through their close collaboration with their customers. The collaboration is crucial to gain the insight required to deliver State-Of-The-Art solutions. Therefore, they are always very responsive to their customers’ ideas and would rather go an extra round to ensure the solution is 100%.

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Challenges and Opportunities

Elitecom previously had low visibility in their entire operation. With many different problems in their existing setup, Elitecom was looking for a new ERP system that could eliminate the company’s issues.

Why SAP Business One and BitPeople

SAP Business One, as a standard version, could solve all of Elitecom’s problems. BitPeople implemented it seamlessly, meaning none of Elitecom’s customers felt any changes. Furthermore, the original price offered by BitPeople to Elitecom did not change along the way.

Which Results Have Added Value

Since the implementation, Elitecom has been able to increase the number of orders processed daily without hiring more people. Elitecom now has the ability to produce stock lists in different currencies, with accurate daily exchange rates. Inventory is also reported live, so if an item appears to be in stock, the staff can quickly see if a particular item is in the process of being sold. By having automated invoicing, everything is paid on time, eliminating manual processes. They also have advanced reporting, which gives the management of Elitecom complete visibility over operations.

Vi anbefaler SAP Business One og BitPeople til alle. Vi har nu et fantastisk system, som vi elsker, og vi vil aldrig skifte til noget andet.

Jan Roedahl – CEO, Elitecom


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