Introduction of new people in VESO is easier since everyone now has the same routine.


Who is VESO?

VESO (Veterinary Medical Solutions Center AS) is Norway’s leading supplier of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, mission-based research, and net impregnation, washing, and disinfection products for aquaculture. Both in Norway and worldwide. The company has a strong desire to contribute to good fish health through good fish welfare.

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Challenges and Opportunities

VESO had no internal IT resources, so decisions were made without any IT oversight. They also needed new software that could handle different modules in one system, such as finance, logistics, and inventory.

Why SAP Business One and BitPeople

SAP Business One provides a secure and scalable platform. BitPeople had the best SAP Business One knowledge in Norway and could, along with Boyum IT, offer valuable packages. BitPeople made it easy for VESO to make changes in SAP Business One quickly without the need for additional add-ons.

Which Results Have Added Value

Since the implementation, VESO has changed routines to work with the standardized SAP Business One workflow, making life easier for employees. There is no longer a requirement

SAP Business One is a secure and unified platform that provides access to leverage data. Both SAP and BitPeople give us the flexibility and scalability we need to continue to grow.

Rimutis Lavickas, IT Manager, VESO


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