Steffca delivers products faster to its customers with SAP Business One.


Who is Steffca?

Steffca is one of Denmark’s largest suppliers of packing and sealing solutions. This includes standard or custom solutions in gaskets, welding and fire protection covers, as well as insulation pads. The company was founded in 1993 and has since received a total of 5 gazelle awards for its high annual growth.

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Challenges and Opportunities

We lacked control over our inventory and production and needed an ERP system that we could access as a Cloud.

Why SAP Business One and BitPeople

We needed a full ERP system that could support us in all phases of the business. We send our products to 25 countries, so it has been important for us to get a system that makes it easy and clear to have full control over our inventory and production.

Value-driven Results

We are able to deliver our products faster because we have gained full control over our inventory. We have a system that we can access as a Cloud, so our sales team, traveling around the world, can always find relevant data. We also have control over our entire production, so we can work more simply. With SAP Business One, we have no limits.

With SAP Business One, we can see how much has been paid, the inventory status, expected restocking dates, identify sold-out products, and view all special prices entered into the system.

Mikkel Steffensen, Sales Manager, Steffca.


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